Dedication, Integrity, Planning, Flexibility, Confidence, Experience, and Perseverance

Investment strategies, proprietary techniques, technologies, and methods designed to generate reliable returns in an up, down or flat market.

Achieving your financial goals one step at time.

Seven Summits Strategic Investments uses Cash Flow Positive Property Investment investment strategies, advanced technology, and rigorous research designed to uncover investments with the highest probability of reliable returns in an up, down or flat market. Our proprietary techniques, technologies, and methods are all used to identify the best investments possible at any given time. We pride ourselves on an ability to get into investments at the right time and out at the right time. Usually well ahead of the pack. We identify sophisticated hedging strategies with the hope of magnifying positive results when investments go the way anticipated and limiting losses when investments do not perform as expected.

The Seven Commitments To Our Members

  1. Dedication - Our Clients come first.
  2. Integrity - We will never do anything we would not want to see on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.
  3. Planning - We will base all our investment reports on sound, methodical research.
  4. Flexibility - We will strive to identify strategies and investments that should do well in up, down, or flat financial markets.
  5. Confidence - We will watch the pack, learn from pack, but find our own path to optimal investments. We won't necessarily travel with the pack.
  6. Experience - We will have some big wins. We will not rest on our successes. We will strive to find new strategic investments to maintain, safeguard, and grow investors' assets.
  7. Perseverance - We will make mistakes. We will strive to see the problem, face it, and then find a way to minimize losses.

If you're looking for the same old investments, look somewhere else...

Our daily alerts, stock and sector reports, along with in-depth research provides investment advisors, brokers, and individual investors with the essential information needed to manage and build portfolios effectively. Daily alerts provide a tactical roadmap for strategic trades right now. Stock and sector reports give clients needed information to anticipate the market weeks and months in advance. While our in-depth research uncovers trends, anomalies, and opportunities in the stock and/or options markets well before others spot them.


Seven Summits Strategic Investments offers three research subscription levels starting at $1,000 per month. Due to the sensitive nature of this type of investment information, we limit the number of clients in each level so all clients can get the maximum benefit possible. The table below shows the current client level availability.

Member Type Monthly Fee
Bronze $1,000 None Available
Silver $5,000 None Available
Gold $10,000 2 Available

Contact us and get on the waiting list. Waiting time could be up to one year or more.